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Double Wall Glass Lid Bowl

Buy Stainless steel serving bowl with lid is exceptionally solid and sturdy so a bowl made of steel is so useful for daily usage in the kitchen. They are light in weight so it becomes easier to keep them and to move around for multipurpose. It additionally makes them more straightforward to pour from.

Classic Essential steel bowl with lid is the perfect articulation for today’s homemakers. Our Lid Bowls have a smooth and sleek finishing look with fine quality stainless steel and plastic lids.

These dazzling color and silver Lid bowls come in sets of 4 and 3 with different sizes of bowls and are utilized to store food things. It has a water/airproof top subsequently fluids like curries or dals won’t spill. Gone are the days when you used to keep your extras in little open containers, presently it’s an ideal opportunity to store your extras in these alluring dishes giving a brilliant and coordinated look to your kitchen. A serving bowl with a lid is made of excellent steel guaranteeing never-ending life and solidness. An unquestionable requirement for each kitchen.

Buy Steel Serving Bowl With Lid Available Online

Classic Essential bowl with lid keeps dampness out and permits you to securely store food things without the risk of outside food components influencing your food quality. These Lid bowl sets are profoundly strong and durable. The impenetrable seal keeps the food fresh for a long time. The elegant, sleek yet sturdy design makes it easier to store them without taking so much space in the kitchen. This smooth-looking holder works out in a good way for any kitchen stylistic layout or tabletop. It is strong, clean, food-safe, and scratch-safe. Ideal to store a few things like fruits, snacks, leftover daals, and vegetables, or whatever else you want. 

Why is a serving bowl with a lid safe to use?

Steel bowl with lid in multicolor is long-lasting and versatile to use. They are not difficult to clean and keep up with, making them ideal for ordinary use. Produced using exceptionally strong material, these bowls will keep going for quite a while, even with ordinary use.

  • Serving bowl with lid sets having airtight lids and sleek design makes them fit anywhere, whether it’s a school bag or your lunch pack.
  • Ideal for office goers and school-going children.
  • Spill verification, watertight and impenetrable compartments that keep food new for a long time
  • You can utilize this as tidbit boxes to hold new or dried eatables, nuts, fruits, sandwiches, and substantially more things.

Buy Serving Bowl With Lid at Classic Essential

They have a dazzling silver clean completion. They are ideal to serve treats like frozen yogurt, smoothies, sweets, and other such things. These bowls are amazingly tough and durable. They can be reused for quite a long time. These bowls are additionally dishwasher safe. You can buy these Lid Bowls in mass amounts and save them conveniently for your kitchen usage.

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