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Buy Stainless Steel Lunch Box online in India

Wana to buy Stainless steel Lunch Box in India and going through a lot of confusion because of the wide range of options available online in stainless steel lunch boxes.

Also all of them claiming themselves to be the best stainless steel lunch boxes. So if you are finding it difficult to select among them, We are suggesting you some key factors to keep in mind before purchase

Let’s have a look on these factors:

  • The stainless steel lunch box containers should be airtight.
  • Always purchase a leak proof stainless steel lunchbox.
  • It should be made with high quality stainless steel.
  • The lid of the lunch box should be BPA free.
  • Stainless steel used in it should be unbreakable.
  • For convenience, the lunch box should have detachable clips.

At classic essentials we have different varieties of stainless steel lunch boxes which have a sober and an eye catching appearance. Our lunch boxes come in the variations of one set lunch box, two set, three set and four set lunch box giving our consumers a wide variety of options to choose as per their convenience.

What is the best steel lunch box for work?

If you are an office going individual, a stainless steel lunch box with compartments can prove to be the best choice.

Classic essential is known amongst the best brands for stainless steel lunch boxes and other steel utensils data used in everyday life. The company has been in power since 1987 and has the best options available when it comes to buying kitchenware and dinnerware stainless steel products along with providing utmost customer satisfaction.

Which lunch box is better plastic or steel?


When you have to buy steel tiffin box online India stainless steel lunch boxes are considered safe for everyday use which is one of the most significant reasons why people need to get onefor themselves. Harmful chemical which is known as BPA is there in plastic containers and it reaches into your food. The chemical is prominently known to cause cancer in human beings and a stainless steel container is free from all sorts of possible chemicals.


As plastic is a non biodegradable material, it acts as a significant agent when it comes to destroying our planet in all possible ways. On the other hand stainless steel items are considered safe for the environment and don’t pollute it in the long run. The abuse of plastics should be stopped immediately so that our future generations can live on a much greener and healthier planet.


All of us love to eat food just the way it is packed and a plastic container is not at all suitable for it. Plastic lunch boxes are not even capable of keeping the food hot or cold for a tenure of half an hour. A stainless steel lunch box set is designed to keep food hot or cold for up to A period of 6 hours making it the most desirable container.


Besides retaining the heat in a stainless steel lunchbox set, it can also keep the food fresh for a longer duration. If your lunch hours are late, then a stainless steel lunch box is the most ideal choice for you. Eating fresh food is beneficial for your health rather than eating chemically leached food from plastic containers.


A stainless steel lunchbox set is highly economical and cost effective and its price pocket
friendly which can suit people from different economic backgrounds. It is a much better investment than wasting your money in those plastic containers.
Classic essentials have a full range of stainless steel products in all categories. To know more you can check